Useful applications for Android phones

I’ve been using Htc Hero for almost half a year. After I bought the phone I’ve started exploring the Android Market in search of free, useful applications. There is so many of them that it’s really hard to find any good among them.  I’m still searching but for now I’m using those (this is my list of best tools for Android):

  • Advanced Task Killer – simple task manager that allows us to kill not used apps (it saves battery lifetime and releases memory).
  • ASTRO File Manager – advance file manager (copy, cut, past files; working with zip files; editing text files etc.).
  • Evernote – mobile version of great PC/Mac notes taking tool. I use the PC version to manage all my notes and this small app allows me to view them on my phone. We can also create notes and send them to the Evernote account.
  • Dropbox – another mobile version of PC/Mac tool. Dropbox lets us store, sync and share files using Internet. It’s especially helpful if we have many computers and we need to have access to the same files on them.
  • Astrid – a simply, but powerful TODO list. It has tagging, partial progress, remainders, syncing with Remember The Milk.
  • Twidroid – twitter client with very clear GUI.
  • NewsRob – RSS/Atom reader that syncs with Google Reader. I like the interface – it’s simple but powerful
  • NetCounter – a simple network traffic counter for EDGE/3G and WiFi.
  • TuneWiki – music player with many options (it can even show lyrics of currently listened song).  It can also stream music from which is great.
  • Aldiko – an eBook (ePub file format) reader for Android with option to download books from internet.
  • WordPress – it allows us to manage (write posts, create pages, moderate comments) our WordPress blog.

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